ProcessIQ focuses on improving the time and cost wastage of production engineering documentation and processes, which are typically drowning in paper.

ProcessIQ began life as AssemblyX, as a result of manufacturers continuing to use of Word, Excel & PowerPoint for complex production documentation and processes, significantly impacting quality and productivity.

The solution was clear – digitalise!

No more laborious authoring build processes or outdated paper printouts being used on the shop floor.

Clear digital, easy-to-follow and accurate build instructions for the shop floor and embedded quality data providing build history records and robust audit trails. AssemblyX gathered a small number of customers, which saw the vision and roadmap for development of ProcessIQ mature.

What our customers say

“The advantages of having AssemblyX have been clear. We have removed outdated systems and simplified onto one incredibly easy-to-use tool. The usability of the system is very good and is continually being enhanced. And we are saving significant time in authoring and updating work instructions.”

Georg Fischer Signet

In 2022, Assembly evolved into ProcessIQ the next cloud generation electronic work instruction solution that provides intelligence and control for manufacturing customers.

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