Georg Fischer Signet eases their struggle to manage complex 800+ SKUs under frequent change with ProcessIQ as an easy to use work instruction management platform and improves quality processes with digital data capture module.
ProPhotonix saves significant administrative time by implementing ProcessIQ paperless work instruction software by ensuring that workers always use the latest work instructions on shopfloor in paper free digital environment.
Stegia introduces efficient scalable manufacturing with ProcessIQ. Faced with increasing complications of scaling assembly line operations using paper-based work instructions, Swedish firm Stegia has introduced digital manufacturing instructions with the implementation of ProcessIQ.
Hamilton AG prides itself on delivering the best quality products; yet achieving its exemplary quality had become arduous and inefficient, compared with modern manufacturing techniques. Implementing ProcessIQ, Hamilton has dramatically improved staff workload, with work instruction creation time reduced by 89%.
Grass Valley turned to ProcessIQ to modernise its 900+ work instructions. Grass Valley had a mountain to climb moving 900+ assembly procedures to a new work instructions solution. Yet in under a year, the company has migrated 90% of its procedures to ProcessIQ, improving quality and making significant time savings.